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Leisure Education For Exceptional People (LEEP)

Who We Are

LEEP provides inclusive education, recreation and healthy living opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. One thing which is often lacking in the lives of people with disabilities is the opportunity for appropriate leisure and recreation. Recreation provides many benefits such as socialization, personal growth, a feeling of being valued and an overall enriched quality of life. By participating in recreational activities, a person learns new skills, increases self-esteem, relieves stress, becomes involved with the community and has fun. Recreation should be available for everyone of all abilities.

LEEP serves individuals over the age of eight years, however the agency's largest population are adults. LEEP participants have some form of developmental or intellectual disability and may have physical disabilities and/or mental illness. There are approximately 850 different individuals in the greater Mankato area who participate in LEEP programs throughout the year, many of whom participate on a weekly basis. Some of our programs include: Special Olympics, Night Activities, Special Events, Youth Programs, Classes, and All-Inclusive Vacations.

What We Do

LEEP was started in 1978 by a group of parents who had children with disabilities. They were searching for some activities that fit the special needs of their children so they started a once a week bowling group. Since that time, LEEP has grown in number of consumers served and services offered. This growth continues today and is reflected in the wide scope of programs we offer. LEEP continues to collaborate with many people and agencies in our community who are committed to our vision and mission.


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