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Habitat For Humanity Of South Central MN

Who We Are

Habitat for Humanity does much more than just build houses. Working towards a world in which every person has access to adequate housing, we:

Provide low-cost house production…
by building and rehabilitating houses, frequently using volunteer labor.

Offer housing-related technical assistance…
by training families to build, maintain and pay for adequate housing.

Promote innovative housing finance opportunities…
by promoting accessible financial solutions for low-income families to improve their housing situations.

Advocate for adequate housing for all…
by organizing public activities and influencing policies that result in easier access to adequate housing.

Prepare for and respond to disasters…
by assisting communities to prepare for disasters and helping them rebuild in the event that they strike.

What We Do

Habitat for Humanity of South Central Minnesota is a non-profit, Christian housing ministry dedicated to building simple, decent and affordable housing with and for families in need.

Habitat for Humanity works because it creates opportunity, not dependency. Habitat has partnered with over 500,000 families and built over 500,000 houses around the world.

Partner families make an investment of "sweat equity" by helping build their own Habitat home as well as Habitat homes of others. The families then purchase the homes from Habitat, at a no-profit through zero-interest mortgages, provided by local Habitat affiliates. Habitat families enjoy all the rights and responsibilities of any other homeowner. Through donations of materials, labor and financial support, the cost of Habitat homes can be minimized, so the monthly payment for a Habitat home is manageable for a low-income family. In fact, Habitat mortgages are generally far lower than the cost of renting the substandard and unsafe houses, apartments and trailer homes that Habitat part families so often leave behind. The resulting cash flow from families mortgage payments is returned to the Fund for Habitat, a revolving fund that is used to build more Habitat homes in their communities.


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