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Southern Minnesota Recovery Connection

Who We Are

Support Services

  • Peer-Based Recovery Support
  • Recovery Coaching
  • Telephone Recovery Support


  • Database of recovery resources, employment services, health and human service resources
  • Support groups: providing information and listings of all recovery support groups
  • Recovery 101: a collection of resources we have developed for those new to recovery.


  • Recovery Professionals Group: monthly meeting of those who work in the field of recovery.
  • Healthcare training: providing training for healthcare professionals.
  • Students in Recovery: creating support for local college students in recovery.
  • Workshops for continuing education.


  • Motivation- Providing motivation in recovery and wellness.
  • Community Outreach– Providing hope of recovery to those still suffering.
  • Advocacy- Advocating for meaningful representation and voice.
  • Putting a positive face of recovery- Reducing Stigma by rallying the community.
  • Social and Fellowship opportunities- Halloween Dance, Sober Superbowl Party, Gratitude Picnic, Card Tournament, Pool Tournament, cook – offs, craft nights, book club, Sober Softball league , disc golf, etc.


What We Do

Our core mission is to mobilize resources within and outside the recovery community to increase long-term recovery from alcohol and drug addictions. The recovery community includes people in recovery, their families and friends, allies and organizations whose members reflect religious, spiritual and secular pathways to recovery.  Our goals are to increase the quality and quantity of support for those dealing with addiction and recovery.



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